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A Little About Us

Canaan Baptist started in 1953 and still preaching the same conservative beliefs it held so many decades ago. As a fundamental church we believe that no one other then God should be the head over us. We stand firm to the beliefs that Christ is our only salvation through his ultimate sacrifice and resurrection, not by good deeds, not by special entitlements or sacraments.

Come experience the love our family of members has for each and every person among us and experience the spiritual blessings Christ has waiting in service, Sunday morning at 10 am. Our Ministries include Kids Club, Teen Class, Adult Sunday School, Christian based Martial Arts on Saturday, and prayer groups on Wednesday. Revival meetings are also held twice a year with special nationally known evangelists to spread the word of salvation to the community and kindle the fire in believers.

Can't wait to see you their, and may God always bless you!

-Pastor Grosjean
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Canaan Baptist Church has been standing firm on Christ's teachings for years. Here is what just some of our visitors and members have to say
  • Andrew

    Canaan Baptists Church is the Best church around that I could recommend and I am…
  • Sandra P

    I have been a member since 2011,  I love the people and the Pastor is…
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